SiC Ceramic membrane technology

Silicon carbide (SiC) is among the hardest materials in the world. Our SiC ceramic membrane technology provides extreme durability combined with mechanical robustness. The material also stands for the highest flux, high permeability as well as a high level of hydrophilicity (water-loving material). Add to this it is resistant to corrosion too. ​

Our ceramic membrane consists of three layers:

  • Substrate (provides mechanical strength)
  • Interlayer (as supportive layer)
  • Membrane (gives selectivity efficiency)

To the ceramic tubular membrane


SiC properties compared to other materials

Life time+++++++
Chemical resistance++++++
Cost savings+++++++
Operating TMP++++++
Temperature resistance+++++++
Fouling behavior++++++

Advantages of SiC-membranes

High Flux
High Flux


High flux due to ultrathin membrane layer and high porosity substrate.

This results in:  ​

  • High flow on small foot-print for more compact plants
  • Low pressure operations
  • Lower energy consumption
Anti Fouling
Anti Fouling

Due to low zeta potential, SiC membranes have a remarkable anti fouling property.

This leads to: 

  • Longer filtration cycles (without backwash)
  • Less maintenance for cleaning  
  • Lower energy expenditure


Chemical resistant
Chemical resistant


Silicon Carbide is almost universally chemical-resistant (pH 0-14).

This enables:​

  • T​​​​​reatment of highly corrosive feed water 
  • More adaptability in cleaning
Thermal resistant
Thermal resistant


SiC membranes are particularly resistant to rapid, shock-like temperature changes. Heat can be transferred fast and there are hardly any tensions in the membrane that could lead to damage.​


Hydrophilic and Lipophobic
Hydrophilic and Lipophobic


SiC membranes are very hydrophilic due to low contact angle between water and membrane surfaces. Combined with the lipophobical attribute, this alows an optimized oil-water emulsion separation.

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